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About the Hotel

At the foothills of the regional park Sierra Espuña our cosy family-run hotel is a green haven with lush pine forest just a 5 minute walk from the front door.


The Langton family have been running the hotel since 2005, and the sister company Espuña Adventure, offering outdoor activities from quad biking, to kayaking, has grown alongside the hotel. 

The building was originally used as a trading post for tobacco and groceries - hence the building's name Casa del Estanco (Tabaco House). The perfect meeting point between two ports, traders would bring fish, tobacco and other products from the merchant ships arriving in the Port of Cartagena and barter their goods for the Rice, Wine, Fresh vegetables and Fruit brought by the merchants from Caravaca. 

The coach house, once frequented by merchants, was converted into a small 7 bedroom hospederia (rural hotel) in 2001 and has been run as a friendly, welcoming hotel ever since. 

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