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Sierra Espuña

We're on the doorstep of the beautiful regional park and largest forest in Murcia - Sierra Espuña. This mountainous and green area offers a rich history, abundant wildlife and hundreds of kilometres of hiking and biking trails. 

Wildlife and Nature

This area is a haven for wildlife and is home to some rare and wonderful species. We're particularly lucky here, with the green lush forest of the Sierra Espuña on one side, and the striking and protected habitat of the Barrancos de Gebas on the other.

In the Espuña you might be lucky enough to see wild boar, a herd of mouflon, golden eagles, or even our very own species of endemic red squirrel, to name just a few of the amazing creatures we have here on our doorstep. 

There's much more to know, if you're interested check out the sites below.

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Cycling and Biking

The road cycling and mountain biking in this area is outstanding. Very few days of rain mean that you can explore by bike all year round. We're perfectly situated for avid cyclists with plenty of routes starting from right outside our front door and the Espubike trail travelling straight through the town.

If you just fancy trying out a spot of cycling as part of your stay we rent bikes for the day, and our sister company, Espuña Adventure, runs guided mountain bike experiences straight from the hotel.

Check out the sites below for more info about cycling in the area.

Walking and Hiking

This area is fantastic for walking - from shorter routes that are just half an hour, to longer full-day routes. Wander through the forests with the smell of pine in the air and the sun filtering through the branches.

Just ask us here at the hotel for some recommendations, as we know the park and routes very well! We even have topographical walking maps available to buy on-site, as well as guide books. If you want a more relaxing experience why not try one of our guided walks.

To get an idea before you arrive, here are a few places that offer free info on walking routes:


Sierra Espuña is rich in history. Its past involves struggles between the Moors and Christians and the reforestation of the area by Ricardo Codorníu, Murcia's 'Tree Apostle', in the late 1800's. 

You can still find the 'Ice Wells' or 'Pozos de la Nieve' (photographed) at the highest points of the park which once supplied ice to the whole region. Walk by the sanatorium in the centre of the park, or explore the remains of the old air base to feel the ghosts of the past. The Ricardo Codorníu visitor centre is a great place to find out more about the fascinating history of the park.

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